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Damos files

Description of the work program of the electronic vehicle engine control unit. It is used for self-examination and editing of the work program of the car.
In the descriptions you will find a lot of information regarding the operation of the engine, here is a small list of contents: ignition timing, boost pressure, timing and composition of the fuel-air mixture, setting maximum engine speed tebuemy torque, optimum torque, Parameters of the engine start-up and more more. Bladodarya Damos files you can make your own chip tuning his avtobomilya, turn off the diesel particulate filter or EGR.


File Service

We offer tuning the firmware for your car.
With our tuning files, you can greatly add the power of your car, for those who are important consumption we offer eco-tuning.
You can disable the diesel particulate filter, the exhaust gas valve regtsirkulyatsii, and more if necessary.


What is chip tuning?

Adjusting the engine control unit in the modern automotive industry - is always a compromise between power, resources and ecology. Every year more and more stricter environmental regulations. Producers are forced to create software for the operation of the engine in an increasingly lean-burn. Installing catalytic converters to reduce harmful emissions into the environment and a host of other changes. All these factors deforsiruyut engine, thereby reducing the nominal motor power in favor of environmental regulations.

Name of chip-tuning (chip - chip chip; tuning - adjustment), which means a fine-tuning of the software (software) engine. Optimal software is designed primarily for engine building disclosing an increase in power and torque.


Chip tuning diesel and gasoline engines.

Often the factory firmware has certain disadvantages:

Changing the settings in the control unit and recording the updated program demands a lot of experience and professionalism of the masters. Our shop specializes in this long-term experience and advanced equipment and software makes the procedure safe and quality. Tuning not firmware created for sports races, and for safe and easy driving.


After chip tuning:

  1. Removed failure during overclocking
  2. Improved traction at low revs and the air-conditioned
  3. Reduced fuel consumption
  4. Implemented quick response and smooth shifting automatic transmission modes
  5. The ability to remove the catalyst and the particulate filter, the transition to standards Euro-2 toxicity.
  6. Removal of any "error mask".

Software removal of EGR.

First, a few words about the car EGR system. "EGR" (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), which translates as "EGR". From this name it is clear that the principle of this system is based on the return of a certain amount of exhaust gas back into the engine cylinders for final incineration. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the air fuel mixture. The result is a reduction of nitrogen oxide formation, ie It reduces harmful effects on the environment. But there are also certain disadvantages in the EGR system operation. Namely, the above process entails a reduction in engine power.

Also, there is a perception that the EGR system not only reduces the harmful impact on the environment, and more harmful to the engine of your car, reducing its service life. Soot and other minute particles deposited on the walls of the duct, the intake manifold, forming a thick layer of dirty deposit. The inlet valve of course, too, are no exception, and very quickly get thick and hard shell dirty.

The resulting carbon deposits on the intake valves and the intake manifold - is one of the major causes of loss of engine power. The smallest particles deposited on the walls of the engine worsen cross-channel and a share of the motor. Thus, it is obvious that the EGR system can be disastrous for your motor and therefore to exploit it is not much use.

To solve these problems will help the software off EGR

Software remove diesel particulate filter (DPF)

The diesel particulate filter is a product of the ceramics (matrix), enclosed in a metal housing. The cellular structure of the filter element of the matrix consists of a parallel section of the small channels placed alternately open (intake) and closed (exhaust). The walls of the channels and play the role of a filter for soot. After a certain time, the exhaust gases circulating in the form of soot accumulating on the surface of the matrix clog the filter, thereby delaying the release of gases. With a strong pollution filter possible engine failure. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the particulate filter.

Cause of failure of the diesel particulate filter and identify problems with the BAT

About debris particulate filter by the following signs:



Purification of the particulate filter does not always give the desired result, is inefficient and does not solve the problem in general, may be an alternative:

Changing the filter on the new (disadvantage: significant costs to replace and costly repairs)
Remove the diesel particulate filter (physical + software) - the most effective way !!!
The procedure for disabling the diesel particulate filter is performed in the computer's firmware. With the help of external devices is changing the controller firmware (the code is removed, providing for the presence of the filter), thereby transferring the system to the Euro-3 standards for operation without a particulate filter. Along with the software shutdown is necessary to remove particulate filter physically.

What does and what the consequences after the removal of the particulate filter:
there is no need to disconnect the diesel particulate filter in the future
restoring the original engine power, without interference from the exhaust system
full regeneration disabling software
recovery of fuel consumption without reducing engine life
procedure for removing particulate filter significantly less expensive filter replacement
When properly remove the engine runs stably and improves its dynamics, reduced fuel consumption.



Also here you can buy the original firmware for Toyota / Lexus vehicles.

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