File Service

We offer locked super mappacks for winols customer id. for more look here.

We are pleased to offer you Damos (Super map packs) on most cars.

We are looking for new DAMOS. If you have damos (super map pack), which we do not. we can exchange, write to us


For file service write to chip-tun@mail.ru


Bosh EDC15C0
Bosh EDC15C11
Bosh EDC15C2
Bosh EDC15C3
Bosh EDC15C4
Bosh EDC15C5
Bosh EDC15C6
Bosh EDC15C7
Bosh EDC15P
Bosh EDC15V
Bosh EDC15VM+
Bosh EDC16C0
Bosh EDC16C2
Bosh EDC16C3
Bosh EDC16C3 generation 1
Bosh EDC16C3 generation 2
Bosh EDC16C31
Bosh EDC16C34
Bosh EDC16C34-2.xx
Bosh EDC16C34-3.xx
Bosh EDC16C34-5.xxx
Bosh EDC16C35
Bosh EDC16C36
Bosh EDC16C39
Bosh EDC16C41
Bosh EDC16C42
Bosh EDC16C8
Bosh EDC16C9
Bosh EDC16CP31
Bosh EDC16CP33
Bosh EDC16CP34
Bosh EDC16CP35
Bosh EDC16CP36
Bosh EDC16CP39
Bosh EDC16CP42
Bosh EDC16U1
Bosh EDC16U31
Bosh EDC16U34
Bosh EDC17C06
Bosh EDC17C08
Bosh EDC17C10
Bosh EDC17C11
Bosh EDC17C18
Bosh EDC17C19
Bosh EDC17C41
Bosh EDC17C42
Bosh EDC17C43
Bosh EDC17C46
Bosh EDC17C49
Bosh EDC17C50
Bosh EDC17C53
Bosh EDC17C54
Bosh EDC17C55
Bosh EDC17C56
Bosh EDC17C57
Bosh EDC17C58
Bosh EDC17C59
Bosh EDC17C64
Bosh EDC17C66
Bosh EDC17C69
Bosh EDC17C74
Bosh EDC17C79
Bosh EDC17C84
Bosh EDC17CP01
Bosh EDC17CP02
Bosh EDC17CP04
Bosh EDC17CP05
Bosh EDC17CP06
Bosh EDC17CP07
Bosh EDC17CP09
Bosh EDC17CP10
Bosh EDC17CP11
Bosh EDC17CP14
Bosh EDC17CP15
Bosh EDC17CP16
Bosh EDC17CP18
Bosh EDC17CP19
Bosh EDC17CP20
Bosh EDC17CP21
Bosh EDC17CP22
Bosh EDC17CP24
Bosh EDC17CP27
Bosh EDC17CP42
Bosh EDC17CP44
Bosh EDC17CP45
Bosh EDC17CP46
Bosh EDC17CP47
Bosh EDC17CP48
Bosh EDC17CP49
Bosh EDC17CP50
Bosh EDC17CP52
Bosh EDC17CP54
Bosh EDC17CP55
Bosh EDC17CP57
Bosh EDC17CP58
Bosh EDC17CP59
Bosh EDC17CV41
Bosh EDC17CV44
Bosh EDC17CV54
Bosh EDC17CV56
Bosh EDC17U01
Bosh EDC17U05
Bosh EDC7UC31
Bosh M2.8
Bosh M5.9.2
Bosh ME1.5.5
Bosh ME17.3.0
Bosh ME17.9.1
Bosh ME2.0 generation 1
Bosh ME2.0 generation 2
Bosh ME2.8
Bosh ME7.0
Bosh ME7.0.1
Bosh ME7.1
Bosh ME7.1.1
Bosh ME7.1.1 generation 1
Bosh ME7.1.1 generation 2
Bosh ME7.2
Bosh ME7.3.1
Bosh ME7.4.4
Bosh ME7.4.5
Bosh ME7.5
Bosh ME7.5.00
Bosh ME7.5.10
Bosh ME7.5.20
Bosh ME7.6.1
Bosh ME7.6.2
Bosh ME7.6.3
Bosh ME7.6.4
Bosh ME7.7.0
Bosh ME7.8 generation 1
Bosh ME7.8 generation 2
Bosh ME7.9
Bosh ME7.9.10
Bosh ME7.9.3
Bosh ME7.9.5
Bosh ME7.9.9
Bosh ME9
Bosh ME9 (1 mb flash)
Bosh ME9 (2 mb flash)
Bosh ME9 generation 1
Bosh ME9 generation 2
Bosh ME9.0C
Bosh ME9.6
Bosh ME9.7
Bosh MED17.1
Bosh MED17.1.1
Bosh MED17.2
Bosh MED17.2.2
Bosh MED17.3.1
Bosh MED17.3.3
Bosh MED17.4.2
Bosh MED17.5
Bosh MED17.5.1
Bosh MED17.5.2
Bosh MED17.5.20
Bosh MED17.5.21
Bosh MED17.5.5
Bosh MED17.7
Bosh MED17.8.31
Bosh MED7.1.1
Bosh MED7.5.11
Bosh MED7.6.1
Bosh MED9.1
Bosh MED9.5.10
Bosh MEG1.0
Bosh MEG1.1
Bosh MEV17.2
Bosh MEV17.2.2
Bosh MEV17.4
Bosh MEV17.4.2
Bosh MEVD17.2.2
Bosh MEVD17.2.X generation 1
Bosh MEVD17.2.X generation 2
Bosh MEVD17.4.2
Bosh MEVD17.4.4
Bosh MEVD17.X.2
Bosh MEVD172X
Bosh MG7.9.8
Bosh PSG16
Bosh VME17
Delphi ACDelco E38
Delphi ACDelco E39
Delphi ACDelco E39A
Delphi ACDelco E78
Delphi ACDelco E83
Delphi CRD 1.xx
Delphi CRD 2.xx
Delphi CRD 3.xx
Delphi DCM1.2
Delphi DCM3.2
Delphi DCM3.4
Delphi DCM3.5
Delphi DCM3.7
Delphi DCM3.7 generation 1
Delphi DCM3.7 generation 2
Delphi DDCR
Delphi Delco HSFI-2.x
Delphi Delco MT35E
Delphi HCF32
Delphi LS3
Delphi MPC
Delphi MT38
Delphi MT80
Delphi TD
Denso 1 mb
Denso 512kb
Denso R2A
Denso R2B
Denso RF5
Denso RF6
Denso RF7
Denso RF8
Denso RFA
Denso RFY
Denso SH7058
Denso SH7059
Johnson Valeo V40
Johnson Valeo V42
Keihin SH7058
Marelli IAW4HV
Marelli IAW4LV
Marelli IAW4MV
Marelli IAW4TV
Marelli IAW5SF HW205
Marelli IAW5SF HW208
Marelli IAW5SF HW300
Marelli IAW5SF HW401
Marelli IAW5SF HW405
Marelli IAW5SF HW409
Marelli IAW5SF HW413
Marelli IAW7GV
Marelli MJ8DF
Marelli MJD602
Marelli MJD6F3
Marelli MJD6JF
Marelli MJD8D
Marelli MJD8DF
Marelli MJD8F
Marelli MM6JF
Marelli MM7GV
Marelli MM8GFх
Marelli MM8GMF
Marelli MM9GFх
Matsushita SH7055
Mitsubishi E6T58x
Mitsubishi E6T5x
Motorola NCG4
Motorola NCG5
Siemens/Continental EMS2
Siemens/Continental EMS2101
Siemens/Continental EMS2102
Siemens/Continental EMS2204
Siemens/Continental EMS2207
Siemens/Continental EMS2211
Siemens/Continental EMS3110
Siemens/Continental EMS3120
Siemens/Continental EMS3130
Siemens/Continental EMS3132
Siemens/Continental EMS3134
Siemens/Continental EMS3150
Siemens/Continental MS41
Siemens/Continental MS42
Siemens/Continental MS43
Siemens/Continental MS45
Siemens/Continental MSD80
Siemens/Continental MSD81
Siemens/Continental MSD85
Siemens/Continental MSV70
Siemens/Continental MSV80
Siemens/Continental PCR2.1
Siemens/Continental PPD1.1
Siemens/Continental PPD1.2
Siemens/Continental PPD1.3
Siemens/Continental PPD1.5
Siemens/Continental SDI3
Siemens/Continental SDI4
Siemens/Continental SDI6
Siemens/Continental SID201
Siemens/Continental SID202
Siemens/Continental SID204
Siemens/Continental SID206
Siemens/Continental SID208
Siemens/Continental SID209
Siemens/Continental SID301
Siemens/Continental SID303
Siemens/Continental SID304
Siemens/Continental SID305
Siemens/Continental SID306
Siemens/Continental SID307
Siemens/Continental SID309
Siemens/Continental SID801
Siemens/Continental SID801A
Siemens/Continental SID802
Siemens/Continental SID803
Siemens/Continental SID803A
Siemens/Continental SID804
Siemens/Continental SID806
Siemens/Continental SID807
Siemens/Continental SID807 generation 1
Siemens/Continental SID807 generation 2
Siemens/Continental SID902
Siemens/Continental SIM210
Siemens/Continental SIM266
Siemens/Continental SIM28
Siemens/Continental SIM29
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-140
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-141
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-240
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-241
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-242
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-245
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-341
Siemens/Continental SIM2K-D160
Siemens/Continental SIM4KLE
Siemens/Continental SIM4LE
Siemens/Continental Simos 10
Siemens/Continental Simos 3
Siemens/Continental Simos 7
Siemens/Continental Simos 8
Siemens/Continental Simos 9
Siemens/Continental Simtec71
Siemens/Continental Simtec75
Siemens/Continental Simtec76
Siemens/Continental Simtec81
Siemens/Continental Sirius D42
Siemens/Continental Sirius32
Siemens/Continental Sirius34
Siemens/Continental Sirius81
Visteon DCU101 - DCU108
Visteon EEC-V
Visteon EEC-VI
Visteon ESU 121
Visteon ESU 131
Visteon ESU 312
Visteon ESU 411
Visteon ESU 412
Visteon ESU 415
Visteon ESU 418
Visteon PCM150F


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